Welcome to Roanoke Moose Family Center 284, a community service organization located along route 311 near Salem VA. As a recognized Moose Family Center by Moose International, we offer a number of family friendly amenities and programs, and special arrangements can be made for public use of our facilities.

Annually we host several open to the public events such as Kids’ Christmas and Halloween parties, Easter Egg Hunts, various live band opportunities, and special events.

We also invite the community to arrange for use of our event hall and meeting space.

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Host your next benefit or fundraising event with us

The Roanoke Moose Lodge and Family Center is often used for benefit banquets and fundraisers for local, regional, and national charities. Our grand hall can seat up to 900 people and is complemented by a fully-equipped commercial-grade kitchen staffed by a small army of volunteers.

Recognized Moose Family Center

Accreditation certificate from Moose International recognizing the Roanoke Moose Lodge as a Moose Family Center
Roanoke Moose Family Center recognition from Moose International

Moose International recognizes the Roanoke Moose Lodge as a Moose Family Center, meeting all established criteria:

  • A diversified program of family activities for all age groups has been established
  • The building allows sufficient space to hold family functions to include the children
  • The facility is well kept and presents a favorable image to the community
  • The Social Quarters service area is suitable for serving family groups in appropriate surroundings