Three Dog Celebration December 2 from 8pm to 10pm at the Roanoke Moose Lodge.
Click on the image for the large version of this flyer.

On December 2nd, from 8pm to 10pm we have 3DC Celebration, featuring a Three Dog Night former drummer Michael “Mickey” McNeel – coming to Roanoke Moose Family Center 284.

Outstanding performance by 3 Dog Celebration

3 Dog Celebration (3DC) put on an incredible show Saturday night. Michael McMeel (former drummer of Three Dog Night) and his group of fantastic musicians did a two hour plus show of all their old songs. For all you folks from the 70’s, this was a night not to be missed! Josh, Ryan (DJ Mixx) and Dave (SchuhFits Productions) put on an outstanding light and fog show for the concert.

Many thanks to Michael McMeel, Mike Brock, Danny Hutchins, and Floyd Marsee Jr. of 3 Dog Celebration for a great evening. Here’s Joy to the World.



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