What an amazing evening here at Roanoke Moose Family Center 284 with the Elite Warrior Challenge as they presented the 14th challenge. Many thanks to female fighter Britain Hart for making the evening extra special for the children as she invited them into the ring and had each child introduce themselves to the sold out crowd.

“I want to invite every child that is in here tonight and I want them to come up in the ring because I want them to know how special it feels to be up here in front of people and I want them to know how much it means to me that they are here tonight, and I want them to have that feeling that I have… the love for each and every one of you out here supporting me too.”

“You guys are all so special. Thank you for having the guts… and thank you for having what it takes to get in this ring, standing here, in front of all these people tonight. I want you guys to know, I have these T-shirts made that are so special to me, and they say 1000 dreams on them, and I want you guys to know that you all are just nothing but dreams and positivity I see, and I want you to each all follow your dreams no matter what. And no matter if it doesn’t work out, you still make that… make that work. Thanks guys!”


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