by Everett Goodwin, Moosehaven Resident

Call it luck, call it fate or call it anything you want, but my Moose Membership has turned into one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

I was one of those that never fully understood what Moosehaven was all about or that I would even need it.

As age approached and living alone at the age of 78, my application to our City of Contentment was not an easy one yet it has turned out to be a blessing.

Age brings to bare on us problems that none of us could ever imagine when we were younger. The ravages of time will afflict all of us in different ways, the more senior we get.

I could have never chosen a better place to live my life out. My own problems that time has brought on my body have been taken care of in such a professional and caring manner by the staff here, that we all are assured of longevity over and above what we ever thought it would be.

In the past few months I have gone to a cane, then to a walker due to increasing pain, yet during this time I have been attended to so quickly and graciously. To get to the root of my problem I have had x-rays, and an MRI  sent to a specialist.

On May 16th, at the age of 80 I will have an operation on my back that the doctor says will give me 80 to 90 percent of my mobility back.

At home, I would have gone broke just on the deductibles for such an operation, yet this will be all taken care of by members of this great fraternity.

Being asked to join the Moose was the best thing to happen to me, (thanks Bob Walters). When someone gripes about their dues, I wish they could walk in our shoes for one day. If dues were $100.00 a year it would still be the cheapest insurance policy in the world.

We at Moosehaven thank each and every one for what you do for us and Mooseheart every day and wish that each and every one of you would start this new Moose year by giving someone in your life this precious gift of a Moose Membership.


Everett C Goodwin
Moosehaven Resident
(850 membership division)