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August 23-25: Entertainment

We confirmed the lineup for the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night of the Virginia Moose Association Convention Weekend. We’ve got Blue Connection on Thursday, 7 Mile Ford on Friday, and KJ Gary Scott on Saturday.

The convention itself will take place at the Sheraton (LOOM) and Holiday Inn (WOTM) at Valley View. Visit this website to learn more.

We will have a free shuttle taking convention goers back and forth to Roanoke Moose Lodge 284. Stay tuned for details. 

May 19: Baldwin/Poff Wedding

On Saturday May 19th, lodge members Pam and Steve Poff celebrated the marriage of their daughter Courtney and Dustin Baldwin in our grand event hall. The families spent several days in the event hall making it look extra special. Check out the video to see what they did! We thank the families for hosting their event in our lodge and we wish Courtney and Dustin all the best for the future.

Interested in reserving the grand event hall for your next event? Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for.

May 12: Tobilly Quinceañera

On Saturday, May 12th, the Tobilly family formally presented their daughter on her 15th birthday in the 3rd Quinceañera that the lodge has hosted to date. We are proud of the fact the Tobilly’s have brought their special family moment up here on the hill to share with us. I hope all of Roanoke’s members are proud of what Lodge 284 has accomplished with not only the number of things happening here, but also with the diversity of cultures that we hope will make Moose International look at 284 as a shining star progressing into the future. We’ve prepared a 36-second video below to show off the event.Take a look at what the family did to decorate our Grand Event Hall.

We are always available to speak with you if you would like to reserve our grand event hall for your Quinceañera or special event.